Postural Restoration


Sports Injury Treatment Sports Injury Clinic

Sports Injury Treatment – How repositioning the ribcage with a unique neuro physio approach can get rid of sternum pain, in just one session Do you have a sports injury that limits your training in the gym? Are you passionate about working out but a sports injury is holding you back? A patient, Ben, recently…

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Vision Therapy: Consider This Before Starting Vision Therapy For Children

Vision Therapy. Children's Neuro Physio - Neurological Physiotherapy

If you are considering or have been recommended to undergo any type of vision related treatment (strong glasses, vision therapy or training etc.) or have any concerns about your child’s visual skills for reading or upright activity please read this great blog on what else may be playing a role and how my children’s neuro…

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PRI Custom Orthotic Insoles – Help Prevent Injury & Treat Pain

PRI Custom Orthotic Insoles Vs Traditional Orthotic

PRI Custom Orthotic Insoles Vs Traditional Orthotic PRI Custom Orthotic Insoles – Helping patients with all types of pain & injury Could PRI Custom Orthotic Insoles help you? Many of our patients come to clinic having already tried traditional orthotics in their shoes. Quite often these orthotics are holding a patient in the wrong position.   Many…

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