Children's Neuro Physio and Athlete Development

Helping Children and Adolescents be Injury & Pain free, so they can be active and in their best health

“… this little piece of acrylic in my mouth is doing so much for me. Along with the exercises Martin has given me, it has eased my pain and completely changed the position of my feet and the way I walk too. My Mum can tell whether I have my mouthpiece in just from the way I stand and walk”

Zoe, 20, York

Children's Neuro Physio

I work with children of all ages using a unique neurological physiotherapy approach to musculoskeletal injury and pain, to improve posture, body alignment, stability and grounding. With my approach in my younger patients I place a huge emphasis on correct nasal breathing and correct resting tongue position.

The tongue is a vital structure for children and also adults. In children, having the tongue in the correct position (in the roof of the mouth accompanied by nasal breathing) counteracts the inward pressure from the cheeks and promotes growth of the upper jaw. With an open mouth position (e.g. during habitual mouth-breathing) the pressure from the cheeks results in overcrowding of teeth, a narrowed upper jaw (maxilla) and a forward head posture.

Consequently, over time the narrowed space in the upper jaw makes it difficult for the tongue to rest in its optimal position.  

When the tongue is in the correct position with correct muscle patterning it acts as a natural jaw expander (orthotic) and will help grow and expand the upper jaw (maxilla) resulting in an improved head, neck and spine position.

The growth and correct position of the jaw creates a patent nasal airway and allows better postural balance from the top of the body down and prevents the need to develop compensation strategies in the body to improve the airway. Snoring or mouth breathing in children should be assessed as early as possible in children.

I work very closely with a team of specialists to integrate my unique children's neurological physiotherapy approach to improve functional outcomes in children and allow children to reach their full potential.

These include myofunctional therapists (correct oral muscle patterning), airway focused dentists, nutritionalists, podiatrists and behavioural optometrists to assess all areas that can influence a child's development both mentally and physically.

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Next Generation Physiotherapy System

Take charge of your treatment. Whether you have recently been injured or you've had recurrent injury and pain for years and tried everything, you can find a new level of relief and control over your symptoms with this unique method of treatment. There is simply no other physiotherapy approach that is as comprehensive and the best part is: you’ll be given a programme so you can stay in control of your symptoms.