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PRI Custom Orthotic Insoles – Help Prevent Injury & Treat Pain

PRI Custom Orthotic Insoles Vs Traditional Orthotic

PRI Custom Orthotic Insoles - Helping patients with all types of pain & injury

Could PRI Custom Orthotic Insoles help you?

Many of our patients come to clinic having already tried traditional orthotics in their shoes. Quite often these orthotics are holding a patient in the wrong position.


Many orthotics available from other manufacturers decrease pain but do nothing to correct the balance and alignment of the bones and joints of the feet, so the malfunction and pelvis position is not corrected on a long term basis.

Our PRI custom orthotic insoles are making a difference for our patients 

Traditional orthotics were holding Helen in the WRONG position. Following re-alignment of her pelvis and ribcage, our PRI custom orthotic insoles helped maintain her NEW CORRECT positioning and cure her Plantar Fasciitis.

Impressions are taken ONLY when the pelvis, leg, ankle and foot are CORRECTLY aligned.

PRI orthotics look different, but more importantly, they maintain CORRECT alignment of the pelvis, leg, ankle and foot.

Custom Orthotic Insoles Impressions

Traditional Orthotics haven’t helped me … How do I know if PRI Orthotic Insoles could help me?

  • The truth is we won’t know till you are assessed in clinic. You won’t be advised you need orthotics unless you do.
  • For some people, the right supportive trainer is actually sufficient.
  • With the correct orthotic in place often people report instant improvement in their pain and injury symptoms.

PRI orthotics may be recommended to: 

  • Relieve pain in the foot and ankle.
  • Slow down genetic pre-dispositions to foot problems such as bunions, hammertoes, Morton’s toe etc.
  • Address foot problems related to poor foot function such as plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, frequent ankle sprains, etc.
  • Avoid or postpone surgical procedures being considered for changes in bone structure.
  • Address conditions that originate in the feet but manifest in the legs, knees, hips or low back.

PRI Custom Orthotic Insoles Facts

  • Higher degree of support while still being flexible and extremely comfortable, allowing a normal walking pattern.
  • Help people function more efficiently by realigning the entire lower extremity.
  • They line up your joints of the big toe, ankle, knee and hip so they function optimally. Allowing the person to walk efficiently and pain-free.
  • Hold & maintain the optimum re-alignment of the bones and joints of the feet so the person’s malfunction and pelvis position is corrected on a long term basis.
  • Low profile, dress shoe custom orthotic insoles are available on request

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