What To Expect At Martin Higgins Physiotherapy Clinic

Important information before booking an appointment at Martin Higgins Physiotherapy Clinic

My approach to physiotherapy is very different to traditional physiotherapy. I am a neuro physiotherapist who looks to improve your position and performance by improving the function of the nervous system.

 If you are looking for a physiotherapy clinic that offers passive physiotherapy treatment then my approach is NOT for you.

The treatment is very active and we want to give you the tools to improve your body position and function. Without compliance you will not be able to hold and maintain your new position.

The treatment aims are to improve your position and improve your function by improving the interaction of the many different systems in the body. Our approach is neurological as we aim to improve your ability to learn new patterns and move better with ease.

We are trying to improve your sensory awareness and open new pathways in the sensory system. By doing this I can improve your grounding, balance, awareness, strength and stability. If the sensory space around us opens up it allows the body to shift and move more efficiently without compensation. 

This is why I ask questions regarding your dental and vision history as these can influence the sensory information processing. I work very closely with orthodontists and optometrists to improve the function of the sensory pathways and to improve sensory processing.

More chronic and complex cases will also often require input from multidisciplinary team to break established patterns and compensations.

If you are looking for an innovative active neurological approach to physiotherapy that can get to the root cause of pain and injury then my approach is for you.

If you want to discuss my approach before making an appointment at my physiotherapy clinic, please feel free to book your free consultation call below.

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What I do At Martin Higgins Physiotherapy Clinic

What I don't do at Martin Higgins Physiotherapy Clinic

In the clinic I DO NOT use:

  • Manipulation,
  • Joint Mobilisation,
  • Taping,
  • Electrotherapy,
  • Shockwave Therapy,
  • Active Release Techniques (ART),
  • Massage,
  • Acupuncture,
  • Dry Needling.

I DO NOT treat symptoms as part of the treatment process. Symptoms indicate that your body is in the incorrect position and that you are unable to shift and move correctly.

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