Running Injuries – Are You Risking Running Injuries By Running Too Upright?

How being 'Overposturised' during running can cause running injuries

Runners are often advised to keep a straight back for running. I see too many running injuries caused by runners who run too upright. They are "over-posturised".

Are you familiar with at least 1 or more of these problems / running injuries:

Tight Right Back?
Tight Right Groin?
Tight Right Calf?
Plantar Fasciitis?

For all you who answered yes … there’s a good chance you are running too upright and also ‘stuck’ in a strong postural pattern.

It may just be tightness or a slight niggling pain right now, but this ‘Overposturised’ running posture and dominant pattern could be putting you at risk of injury

Athletes who adopt this strategy will present in my sports injury clinic with any of the following running injuries:

- tight hip flexors,
- recurrent calf tears,
- recurrent right Achilles tendon pain,
- recurrent hamstring strains,
- mortons neuroma,
- plantar fasciitis,
- stress fractures of the 5th metatarsal,
- shin splints,
- right sided abdominal pain (stitch),
- right adductor tightness.

All the above are symptoms of a runner who has lost the ability to shift the body to both sides due to inefficient diaphragm position.

Rather than symptomatic treatment of the specific injury, treatment needs to be directed at improving the position of the ‘pistons’, the diaphragm muscles, so the athlete can generate the force/pressure changes to improve the ability to shift and rotate their ribcage, so they can then recruit the gluteal "push" muscles during running.

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