"The best physiotherapist in London ... He's helped me reach a new personal best at the gym whilst building flexibility and strength"

"Your man in london for PRI-based physiotherapy" - Best Postural Restoration (PRI) Physiotherapist in London

"After suffering pain and frustration I'm now moving better and back running faster and stronger."

"The Best Physiotherapist in London"

Patrick Franco

"Reset your body in a way that no ordinary physio can"

Casper Pages

"Martin is exceptional. He’s able to restore posture and take away pain VERY quickly. I can not recommend him highly enough."

"A very different approach to any other physiotherapist / trainer which seems to be much more effective than traditional techniques."

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"Extremely bad costocondritis for about 6 months ... after one session I was pain free!"

Ben Winn (Personal Trainer)

"I haven't met anyone better for sporting performance" - Best Sports Physiotherapist in London

Simon Harling (Strength & Conditioner)

"My aim was to return to gym work and he got me that within a couple of months ... game changing"

Arjun Rai

"I Can now walk pain free" - Best Sports Physiotherapist in London

Graham Rea

"Only person in the UK to get to the root cause of pain"

Cripsin Williamson

"After 1 consultation Martin has fixed me!" - Best Sports Physiotherapist in London

Helen Victoria

"I can now complete ironman distance triathlons ... PAIN and INJURY free"

Julie Watson

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"I'm running better than ever and totally pain free!"

Lynn Hosein

"Martin has given me the power to fix myself, I'm in charge ... not the pain"

Jane Gibson

Martin is an easy going guy with a huge amount of knowledge. I had been suffering with a running stitch and lower back pain for 6 years which went unresolved from seeing other osteopaths and physios. Martin was able to understand my problem right away and put me right using a whole body holistic approach. I have already recommended him to all my close family and friends!

Louise, Leeds

Martin's knowledge and service is unparalleled in the UK. His use of the PRI system is what sets him apart from anything currently available in the country. Martin's delivery of this revolutionary (as I see it!) system was great- I left with a better understanding of my body and how to get the most of it. It's going to give me years on my professional sporting career!

Callum Wilson

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An Innovative Neuro Physiotherapy Approach to Musculoskeletal Injuries.

Best Physiotherapist in London